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This dealy...

1.  Full Name:  Daniel Patrick Kelly

2.  D.O.B.:  August 22, 1989

3.  Favorite Bands/Singer:  Rob Zombie, Rammstein,  Drowning Pool (when they didn't suck), Spineshank 

4.  Favorite Song:  "More Human Than Human"- Rob Zombie

5.  Favorite Movie:  Saving Private Ryan

*~*The "Fun" Part*~*

6.  What's the worst crime you have ever commited?  Do you mean arrested, or convicted? 

7.  A joke?   Two muffins were in an oven, one muffin looks at the other and says, "Man, it's hot in here..."  The other muffin looked horrified and screamed, "Holyshitatalkingmuffin!"

8.  Refer this community to another LJ-lite.  Post their username here.  'LostinLyfe'

9.  Post a picture of yourself on this post.

10.  Anything left to say?   "Hey!  Pay attention you fuc- BOOBIES!"

Yeah, it sucked.

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