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1. Full Name: Zachary Michael Moody

2. D.O.B.: June 5, 1988

3. Favorite Bands/Singer: Green Day, Goo Goo Dolls, Pearl Jam and many more

4. Favorite Song: Basketcase

5. Favorite Movie: Awakenings

*~*The "Fun" Part*~*

6. What's the worst crime you have ever commited? .....i stole a paper clip..WAT THEN BIZNATCH!!!... but then my great grandmother made me give it back...::tear tear:: i miss my paper clip..

7. A joke? Wanna here a dirty joke? 2 white horses fell in the mud... wanna hear an even dirtier joke? 3 came out 8-0

8. Refer this community to another LJ-lite. Post their username here. 'angyleyez914'

9. Post a picture of yourself on this post.
i have no picture yet

10. Anything left to say? Sometimes you just gotta say, What the fuck?!
that wasnt that bad
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