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He walks down the streets looking at what everything he thought he knew. The yards, the cars, the people... People he thought considered him a friend. Boy was he wrong. The torture that was wrought unto him in middle school was coming back to him. He could hear the laughing and ranting of the "bullies"...the ones who made life a living hell hole for those who tried to just get by... All the nights where he was playing with ropes, lighters, and knives come rushing back. Wondering y he didnt ever have the guts to do anything. All the chances he had. All the nights by himself he couldve ended it. With the tug of a rope, a flip of the switch, or a slice of the knife. All the encounters with temptation to see if there was really anything else after this pathetic excuse of a life. He never had the guts. And hes tired of it! He wants to know wat else is out there. To see if you can do all the possible things people say you can do after life. But no, he still doesnt have the guts. Hanging by a string, he'll just smile.. like he has always smiled and wait for the day where that string will snap. And he'll finally know wat else there is for him...
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